We Get Worldwide Visitors!

Dear member/visitor…

As you might already know, we have recently created this new site for our online meditation group, to help us interact, have more fun and be even more organised.

We called it JoinCollectivityOnline.com

And we’ve just found out some exciting news about JCO.com, that we would like to share with you …

Only two weeks down the line and we have now got visitors from Japan, China, Russia, Oman, Peru, Germany, Canada, USA, UK coming to check us out.


Here are some screenshot with proof (click on image to make it larger, opens in new window)

… from Oman, Germany (above)…then USA, China:

Canada, Russia, Mauritius, Peru….

Even Hong Kong!


But hey, don’t just take our words for granted, see it for yourself!

Scroll down this page, and look on a right side for ‘Who’s Online / Map of visitors

(opens in new window. Select ‘World (Large) Map‘, for a better view)

There you will be able to see many different dots…these are location of our visitors!

And, That’s Not All….

…if you type into Google search words ‘join collectivity online‘ – see what you will find!

We’re on a TOP of Google!! -)

Now, we’re not going try to fool you – all this doesn’t mean that we are now found everywhere…

quite honestly, we’re not exactly sure how do we get people (if these are real ‘people’ at all) from countries like Japan and China finding us. Surely, this we’ll find out in near future..

Also, no one is probably looking for keywords such as ‘join collectivity online’ into Google (not yet, anyway πŸ™‚ ), and this is why we can rank high for it – there is not much competition for this particular keyword (it’s all technical side, really, no need to go deep into it…)

However, if to just think about it…

We been live for only what? 2 weeks now? As for new starters, aren’t these results kinda cool?

Well, it sure brings some excitement to this side of a house πŸ™‚

If you liked the results we’ve just shared with you, let us know your comments below!

We would love to hear from you! (specially if you’re from Japan πŸ™‚ )

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  1. Smedley
    6 years ago

    I think its really great that there are people out there who may have an interest in what JCO has to offer, so far for me chatting, listening and meditation with people from different ends of the world has been one of nuttiest things ever.

  2. William V
    6 years ago

    HTML Online Editor Sample


    This is one of the nuttiest comment we have ever had… Thanks Smedley! πŸ™‚ 
    Look forward to having you back joining for our sessions again, whenever you're ready! We miss you.
    Hope your preparation for your sports event is going well…