45 days Meditation Practice Online

January 18, 2019 – March 3, 2019 all-day
45 days meditation practice – Anushthan
Friday 18th January to 3rd March 2019

We are very excited to announce that during the Anushthan period we will be hosting daily sessions from different part of the world for 45Days (from Friday 18th January to Sunday 3rd of March 2019)!

Anushthan is a special 45 day period in Samarpan Meditation, during which H.H. Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji meditates deeply in isolation during these days. All those who are connected through this event can experience great spiritual progress.

Here are the JCO daily online sessions planned from different parts of the world, to participate please click on the links at the time of the sessions and you will be connected ;-):

2 video workshops hosted by JCO team – 12th to 19th of February:

And the Samarpan team from Canada is hosting video discourses daily:

Video workshop Online [from Canada] – 

Same link for the whole period: 
https://zoom.us/j/3580757586 – Meeting ID 358-075-7586

  • 18 Jan – 7pm EST

Chaitnya Mahotsav 2018 Meditation

  • 19 Jan to 26 Jan – 7pm EST week days and 5pm on weekends

Rajkot Mahashibir (with English Subtitles)

  • 27 Jan to 2 Feb – 7pm EST week days and 5pm on weekends

Canada & USA Retreats, Australia Discourse

  • 4 Feb to 11 Feb – 7pm EST

Navsari Mahashibir (with English Subtitles)

  • 12 Feb to 19 Feb – 7pm EST

Ahmedabad Mahashibir

  • 20 Feb to 27 Feb – 7pm EST

Ajmer Mahashibir

  • 28 Feb to 2 Mar – 7pm EST week days and 2pm on weekends

Nepal (Return of Himalayan Saint)

If you need time conversions for your country, please check it here: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com.

For more details on Samarpan Meditation and other events in worldwide centres please visit the websites http://www.samarpanmeditation.org/ and https://www.journey2innerpeace.com/

“Meditating for 1000 days alone and meditating with 1000 people in a day is equal.” ~ His Holiness Shree Shivkrupanand Swami

Members of all our community all around the world will be joining in, be sure to join us during this very special time for the Samarpan family!

– The JCO Team

Samarpan United Worldwide  🙂

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  1. Kinjal Patel
    7 months ago

    Currently living in USA(East coast), would like to join online meditation morning as well as night time. Jay Baba Swami…!!

    • Rajni Susegad
      7 months ago

      Hi Kinjal 🙂
      You can then join the sessions from Canada and USA.
      45 days Meditation Practice Online [from Canada and USA] – 6:15 am EDT and 9:00 pm EDT (12.30 pm – 3 am German time) – Meeting ID 805-050-5050 – Link https://zoom.us/j/8050505050.
      With much Love,
      The JCO team

  2. Parvathi M S
    7 months ago


  3. Sanjyoti
    7 months ago

    Jai Baba Swami,
    Thank you so much for this online meditation opportunity.
    Enjoying center meditation for last 3 yrs. Online option is different experience wise, enjoyed this too. Due to medical issue will not be able to travel to center for a few month. This opportunity has come exactly at the right time. Hope to have more online options in future.