About Us

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Join Collectivity Online?

  • Interested in meditation, but not sure where to start?
  • No meditation center in your local area?
  • Prefer meditating without leaving the comfort of your own home?
  • Want to join collectivity more often during the week?
  • Looking to re-connect with long-lost friends, or even make new friends from all over the World?

Who We Are:

Join Collectivity Online (JCO) is a web based Meditation group which runs daily collective meditations and weekly activities online. People from different countries such as UK, Germany, South Africa, Canada, USA, Mauritius, Oman, Peru, Japan, Australia, New Zealand or India are joining this collectivity online on a weekly basis to learn from (and about) each other.

How We Started:

Story goes back to early 2011, where 3 meditation hungry friends from 3 different countries (UK, Sweden and Lithuania) started meeting up on Skype, once a week on Wednesdays, to discuss meditation related topics and support each other in this wonderful spiritual journey. Energies works in their own ways, and one year later more and more people were finding out about these weekly meditation sessions online. A group of 3 increased to 5 – 7 ‘seekers’ and in August 2012 www.JoinCollectivityOnline.com was born. In less than a year the JCO Community has now grown to a collectivity of over 1,500

What Meditation Technique We Practice:

There are many different meditation techniques to choose from these days. Different practices, different results. Yet meditation is all good and we support them all! However, the JCO community have started with the one that is called Samarpan meditation. This mantra based meditation technique is an extremely ancient technique from the Himalayas, and is not based on any specific rules, religions or complicated techniques, so it can be practiced by anyone.

Our Aim:

Currently, although we only hold online Samarpan meditation sessions and events, at JCO we also enjoy connecting with people who do not practice Samarpan meditation but have an interest in spirituality.

Our aim is to make JCO open platform for anyone from anywhere in the world to come and join us online for (always) FREE, fun, engaging and informative live chats on all meditation related aspects, as well as giving those with no access to a local meditation center the opportunity to join the collectivity of the One United  Meditation Family via the Internet.

If you’d like to introduce Samarpan meditation technique in your country, or maybe even run your sessions through JCO platform, you are more than welcome to Contact Us and share your ideas with us!

Do I have to be practicing Samarpan Meditation to join JCO?

Not at all! Whether you are looking to join online meditation group for your personal spiritual growth or just for fun, rest assured that JCO community of like-minded people is here for you. We have our friendly conversations before or after meditation start. So you are welcome to join us for fun, engaging and informative chats on all meditation related aspects, and simply opt-out whenever we start mantra meditation. As long as we respect, love and support each other in this wonderful spiritual journey – it’s all good! 🙂

So at the end of a day…

Simply put, we are people (yes, people! 🙂 ) from all walks of life who come together with a common goal of becoming better people through meditation.

Your Next Steps?

If you would like to experience some different ways of connecting with happy, meditating people on a weekly basis, then all you have to do is Join Collectivity Online (JCO) Feel free to get in touch so we can learn more about each other!

On this next JCO Activities Page you can find all main activities currently available on JCO.

If you’d like to find more answers to questions you might have, please visit JCO Support Center or simply Contact Us

 See you!




Love & Light from…
– The JCO Team