JCO Activities

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Main JCO Activities

Below are the main activities currently available on Join Collectivity Online (JCO)

IMPORTANT: If you want to find out why we currently practice only Samarpan mantra based meditation, please visit our About Us page

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Weekly & Daily Collective Samarpan Meditations

Announcements, discussion around meditation related topics, fun, emotions, mantra chanting meditation, or simply Peaceful time together…with JCO you’ll get it all!

45 days Meditation Practice Online Sessions during Anushthan (from Friday 18th January to Sunday 3rd of March 2019):

Weekly Meditation Newsletter

Published and emailed every Monday – the JCO Newsletter is produced and published online, focused on topics and subjects related to Meditation and Spirituality in general. An excerpt from spiritual books, a deep personal knowledge or experience sharing, an article over some collective gathering…you will find a bit of everything there. One thing for sure is that every week you will be looking for the next Meditation Newsletter and as anyone can volunteer to write it, won’t you want to bring out the writer in you and participate in the collectivity in this way?

Experience Sharing

JCO is a real treasure-chest of members own experiences of Meditation and the Supreme Energy, therefore everyone is encouraged to share their experiences on a regular basis in whatever shape of size is suited. Some write articles reflecting their own experiences or the experience at a group gathering, most post their own comments and feedback regarding the Newsletter, which inspires everyone to share their deepest moments of Soul connection. Experiences can be shared through:

Calendar of Upcoming Events

JCO encourages everyone to join in the collectivity at the physical level through physical get-togethers by advertising upcoming events and gatherings in its noticeboard – so if you have an upcoming event in our home or in your area for which you wish to invite other people, we can help you advertise it and help you build in the collectivity. Just let us know the usual details such as date, times, location and contact details. The JCO is here to help your pure wish to help us all promote meditation…the rest is all the Divine work of the Universal Energies.

Samarpan Video Discourses Online

For those who have attended video Discourses (Shibirs) in a past, they are aware of the huge clearing process and upliftment of consciousness that takes place during these events. In our own words, to attend a Shibir is to “experience a moment of Bliss and Divinity, by connecting and surrendering to the Universe…and the more we surrender so our capacity to receive the vibrations increases”. Our first online Samarpan Shibir have taken place on the Full Moon, Wednesday 28th November 2012, under the title “The Power of Prayer”, with over 30 people from all over the World joining the event. This was no doubt a landmark in the history of JCO Worldwide, and we are all looking forward to next such moments which we already feel, will help increase the level of consciousness around the Globe to a new height.

All of the above events and activities are our most sincere gift to the Universe – such gift cannot be bought with money neither achieved individually for it dwells in the strength of our unity and the harmony of our family’s bonds, the JCO Family that we are.

Some people call this gift “The Power of Love”, we simply call it the “Gift of Collectivity” and for that reason it is our sincere wish and open invitation that everyone joins and participates in the activities of JCO!

How to join JCO?

From the comfort of your home, all you need is a computer and the access to the internet. If you have any questions, or if you need ANY help, please Contact Us. We would love to hear from you!

 See you!




Love & Light from…
– The JCO Team