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Welcome To Our Friendly, Fun, Down To Earth Meditation Group Online!

“We welcome everyone, from anywhere in the world to join us for (always) FREE, fun, engaging or simply silent & peaceful meditation sessions online”

Imagine a single place online where you can come and:

  • Learn what meditation is all about
  • What are the benefits of meditation
  • How to do meditation for best results
  • How to become a better human being and make this world a better place
  • Get tips, advice and listen to real stories from people like you
  • Have your personal questions about meditation answered live
  • Or simply peacefully experience silent meditation with worldwide collectivity online!

Well, this is that place. is your International Online Meditation Center. So, please connect, let’s do meditation from our homes together, and be a part of this friendly online community…

Here you can:

  • Learn or experience new meditation technique
  • Have great conversations with an online meditation group
  • Get recommendations, and guide lines
  • Stay in touch through weekly meditation newsletters (or even write your own)
  • Educate yourself and have fun along the way
  • Send us any questions you might have
  • Make suggestions & comments
  • Celebrate and share the joy of meditation
  • More and more of activities will be available soon!

Whether you are looking to join online meditation group for your personal spiritual growth or just for fun, rest assured that Join Collectivity Online is here for you. We’ll work hard to help you learn meditation and feel home with us by engaging in a way with you that you will love so much you will keep coming back for more.

The JCO Team

–  The JCO Team

Join Collectivity Online… let us all help make it the best it can be – for all of us!