Mega Meditation (Mahaa Dhyaan) Explained…

Dear Friends,

Jai Baba Swami

I surrender myself to Guruji and ask for the blessings of Guru Energies so that I may convey the importance of Maha Dhyaan.

Guru Energies have since time immemorial been guiding souls towards Moksha (Liberation). As most of us are aware, there are planes of existence beyond the ones that can be observed by our eyes. Just as we have the physical plane of existence – which consists of our earth (Prithvi Loka) and the observable Universe, there are also other planes of existence: Aatma Loka (Collective abode of the souls), Guru Loka (Collective abode of the Guru Energies), etc to name a few.

Aatma(Soul) is a subset of Paramatma (The Absolute soul). The analogy that can be given is that of The Sun and the Sun Rays. Both the Sun and its rays are equivalent in essence, yet the Sun is the source and rays the eventual result. In the same way – Paramatma is the Source and Aatma the eventual outcome. Aatma is in essence the same as Paramatma – it is Pure Consciousness and Energy. But the Aatma has an added feature – the feature of Jigyasa (Curiosity). It is this Curiosity that makes the Aatma transcend from the Aatma Loka to Prithvi Loka (our Earth).

On Earth, the Aatma acquires the characteristics of the material nature in form of a body. The Aatma then starts identifying itself with the transient and dynamic nature of the material world – mistaking itself to be the body instead of the Pure Consciousness and Energy that it is. The transient nature of the material world distracts the Aatma and it gets into the bondage of desires and doer ship. Thus the Aatma keeps moving in the cycle of birth and rebirth, settling and unsettling the accounts of Karma and going through cycles of happiness and sadness.

But is that all there is to it? No, there is expert help at hand. There is a plane of existence that is Guru Loka – the collective abode of all those pious and enlightened souls who have taken up the task of enlightening all the Aatmas and connecting them to their source – Paramatma, thereby helping Aatmas achieve their ultimate goal – Moksha.

Time is a very interesting concept. A period of time categorised by certain energy configurations and state of society is termed as a Yuga (alternatively known as an Age or Aeon). Guru Energies always have a very vast foresight and vision into time extending infinitely into the Past and the Future. Accordingly, they also update the methods that can be gainfully adopted to achieve Moksha.

In earlier Yugas, an individual had to often go through the phase of renouncing the society and all worldly belongings and attachments to then go in solitude in places like Himalayas and perform intense Saadhna (spiritual practices) in order to achieve the state of Moksha. With passing time and onset of the present Age, the life of an individual and society in general has become so entangled and complicated that the idea of renunciation and intense Saadhna seems very difficult, almost impossible to implement. Guru Energies then came up with a very novel and amazing technique of meditation: Samarpan Meditation, which involves directly elevating an individuals’ state of spiritual awareness via the blessings of a Sadguru – our very own Guruji.

Guruji started off by spreading his pearls of spiritual wisdom and experience through eight day Mahaa Shibirs which involved his discourses. This method had the blessings of all the Guru Energies and it has been tremendously successful in attracting many pious souls towards the path of spiritual progress. As Guruji had expressed it himself, people have been practicing collective meditation till now but it has mostly been to the effect of achieving materialistic goals. A person’s lifetime may come to an end but materialistic desires are never ending. Guru Energies have thus expressed the desire to hold Mahaa Dhyaan – a meditation that is done with a very large collectivity and with the sole purpose of achieving spiritual progress and Moksha.

Three aspects are noteworthy here. Firstly, Guru Energies are further simplifying the method that can be used to achieve Moksha – by taking away the eight day Mahaa Shibirs and providing all the knowledge, experience and spiritual upliftment in just one day of Mega Meditation (Mahaa Dhyaan). This only shows how kind and loving the Guru Energies are to all its children and how sincerely they want all of us to benefit the most and surge ahead in our spiritual journey towards Moksha.

Secondly, the Guru Energies want us to do om chanting meditation with the sole aim of gaining Moksha and not let our temporary materialistic goals take centre stage. As Guruji himself has pointed out, your external situations and circumstances are only a reflection of your inner spiritual state. So all that one has to do is to improve one’s inner spiritual state – the benefits of which are two pronged:

1.) We get closer to achieving Moksha and

2.) Our external materialistic goals also get realised (or suitably modified) as a result of our actual inner energy state becoming balanced and harmonious. The fulfilment of materialistic goals is only an automatic by-product of our spiritual state getting elevated. One should not focus on achieving the by-product but rather focus on one’s spiritual evolution which will lead to enlightenment and also materialistic fulfilment as part of your overall life getting balanced.

Ultimately, the Maha in Maha Dhyaan is referring to great / very large collectivity. This is to ensure that we transcend our individual ego in the pure and blissful consciousness of a large collectivity and merge ourselves with the underlying Reality of the Universe – Paramatma.

We are all very fortunate to have the blessings of the Guru Energies and have a Sadguru to guide us and love us. Let us reciprocate by enlightening ourselves and others.

Here is wishing everyone lots of joy and enlightenment.

Love and light,


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  1. Maria Almeida
    6 years ago


    Experience sharing – mega meditation
    Jai Baba Swami
    First of all I would like to thank Mat for the fabulous article in which detailed explanations are given about the Mega Meditation and what happens "behind the stage" on such occasions. As for my own experience of today's mega meditation, it was undeniable that a connection took place at the inner, subtle planes of consciousness for the level of vibrations experienced was absolutely amazing. When one's life is directed by one's soul, which is connected to the source of the Universe, everything happens without effort…I woke up naturally at 4am (fairly unusual) so by 5am I was ready to join in the collectivity. There was no need at all to say the mantra for my mind was instantly pulled to a "cosmic level" in which I truly felt I was joining an extended group of "like-minded souls", all vibrating on a high level of consciousness. I could feel the vibrations flowing through my body and from the beginning of the meditation I felt an immense sense of inner peace and divinity. My mind remained at this level for nearly two hours and I know that all these vibrations and "high-frequency" of consciousness bring about tremendous progress in the Spiritual path. For that reason I would encourage everyone to take advantage of these Mega-meditations on full moon days and to experience for themselves the intensity of the energies and the spiritual experiences they bring about.
    Love to all

  2. Smedley
    6 years ago

    I joined in from 5 am Swedish time, I fell asleep mid way through, when I woke up there was plenty of time to meditate again so I did. I do not feel anything special but being a part of
    collective was enough for me.

    Laters Smedley.