Newsletter #72, by JCO Team (6 January 2014)

2013 was one interesting, ever changing (improving, re-valuating, upgrading & downgrading), I’d say a year even challenging at times indeed… all in good and fun ways!

Some say a Spiritual Era has started on 21.12.2012, and 2013 was a first year for many to witness some new, positive–spiritual in nature–changes in this world. As we can’t state these claims are true, however, we are confident to share that most of us, here at JCO, have definitely felt these positive changes, whether it was in spiritual or our personal living.

And today, I can’t thank the Universe enough for it to have given us this great platform, the technology, this opportunity and people from all over the Globe (YOU!) to connect with. I am–and I’m sure many of us are–happy to be able to walk this path together, never alone, and be a part of this one wonderful JCO Community!

We wish it, to you and your family, for 2014 to be the most amazing, even more promising year you could ever have.

In collectivity of like-minded (spiritual) people, we know you will…

Happy New Year!

PS: Here it is, written all in numbers – JCO Annual Report 2013 (scroll below)

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TOPIC FOR THE WEEK – 2013, JCO by The Numbers

JCO 1 Year Birthday – 2013 July 23

Did we tell?


New websites – JCO Support Center


New sessions started on JCO – Peaceful, from Singapore, in Portuguese


Organizations supported:


Meditation & Educational Online events hosted on JCO: “Key to Successfully Preparing Yourself for Coping Up With Challenges in Life”, “Living Master”, Online Video Shibirs, and several more.


JCO Team meetings: Lots of covered there…


People helped run JCO (The JCO Team) – we are very grateful…


JCO Members Meet and Greets offline: From small home get-togethers, to some more serious group gatherings…eh, we want MORE of them all!


Number of countries people tuned in from for JCO Sessions or Events: UK, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, France, Croatia, Lithuania, Canada, USA, Peru, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, Africa, Oman, Australia,  Japan, India. What’s next, Russia? 🙂


Newsletter Authors: profiles of all our Authors here


Newsletters written: these keeps us going…


JCO Member Forums subscribers


Top location of all of our subscribers: from UK


Number of hours mantra chanted online collectively: Samarpan Mantra Chanting Online (SMCO) event


Beautiful pictures pinned in Pinterest: these really are beautiful…


JCO Sessions hosted online: Peaceful 263, from UK 46, from Mauritius 36, from Singapore 23, in Portuguese 23, SMCO 76


Number of Hours meditation done online: can you believe?


New subscribers to JCO Community: welcome!


A number of people attended all of JCO meditation online events (excluding weekly sessions)


Comments on JCO website: ahh… you guys, simply rock! Thank you, appreciated.


Facebook Fan Page Likes: would the world survive without Facebook?


Twitter tweets. Join the discussion?


Most viewed post on JCO Facebook: Thank you Apurvi for sharing these beautiful messages with us!


Video Views on JCO YouTube Channel: and that’s from 3 videos alone!


Money donated by JCO supporters: non of this would have been possible without you…


Twitter followers


Money invested to keep JCO running £1,123.78: whatever it takes!


Minutes of training videos created for JCO Team members: this equals 16.9 hours!


Times JCO website accessed from a mobile phone: was it you?


Unique visitors that came to check on JCO website


A number of people attended all weekly JCO meditation sessions online (excluding events)

over 5,000

Emails Sent & Responded to from our JCO Customer Support: It’s always cool to connect and get to know you personally! Don’t believe it?                               Shoot us an email 🙂


A number of JCO visitors that came from our Top 5 Countries – UK 4,621, Canada 1,244, USA 967, India 705, Mauritius 433


A number of time JCO website was visited: who could have ever expected, when we first started in 2012?


Pageviews – a total number of times any page was viewed on JCO website. That’s a biggish one, huh? Stats generated using Google Analytics


Stars counted while searchingfor ways to keep JCO run. Can this number be accurate? Nah… but who cares on this one? We got all other numbers right 🙂


– The JCO Team

The JCO Team






What can you say?

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  1. Kate
    5 years ago

    Hey, thanks for compiling all those stats. Some really interesting and amazing numbers. I really think it is cool that there have been people from 19 different countries. I was also surprised by the large number of emails you or someone had to deal with. I really appreciate all the work that has gone into creating and keeping JCO running. The numbers show that it has been valuable!
    Happy New Year to everyone!

  2. Rajni
    5 years ago

    “JCO Annual Report in Numbers”… Cool and original way of reviewing more than a year with / within / through JCO Collectivity! 🙂

    These are not just numbers, but great moments (online / offline), smiles, tears, laughter, awesome sessions, beautiful chanting, insightful newsletters, interesting events…
    And a worthwhile amount of time spent creating, amending, innovating, sending, sharing, inspiring, posting, discussing… “Passion in action”!
    Well it definitely brought a lot to Us!

    Thank you guys for all your effort and dedication, a lot achieved!
    …and a lot more to happen this year :-)))!

    Happy New Year to All!!! May this year bring you closer to your soul.

    Love always’


  3. Beatriz
    5 years ago

    This is great! Thanks for putting this numbers together, it gives a whole new perspective on things no? And of course, thank you for all your hard work and commitment to JCO! May 2014 bring a whole new range of numbers to JCO!

  4. Denise
    5 years ago

    Great report!! Great work!! Rock on!! :))))