Newsletter #25, by Rajni (26 Nov, 2012)

Meditation and Breakfast… 11th of November 2012… North Watford – UK

Jai Baba Swami,

On the 11th of November 2012, (as Gaby beautifully wrote) 13 Souls came together to experience and celebrate Collectivity.

There was no real plan for this get-together; I chose to let it open as I believe in “going with the flow.”

The occasion that brought us together was of course our JCO Sunday Mantra chanting…

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Everybody arrived on time and after adjusting all the technical aspect of the online session, we all sat down and the Mantra chanting started around 9.45.

As soon as we started chanting the Mantra, something amazing happened, all of a sudden the sound became One as if only one person was chanting, and as it got more powerful, I stopped chanting and chose to let myself go. The sound was elevating and what I saw was visible vibrations that was going out of all our heads (Crown Chakras) and joining at the top. My body started vibrating so much that I couldn’t even sit properly.After the chanting, it took me some time to come back and understand what had happened, I had no notions of time and space, just a weird sensation inside, strong vibrations all over my body. I now understand it as a feeling of Pure Divine Love.

What struck me was that after the Mantra chanting the lounge looked like a new room? As if a new light was shed on the room, something was new and bright in the air. And truly outside the weather got better and better afterwards.

After the session Surendra Uncle (the Young man) gave us a quick update on SwamiJi’s latest discourse and La belle Gabriela shared with us her own experience on mixing Medicine with Spirituality. That was really interesting and comforting as before I tended to see only the cold aspect of medicine.

After a few updates we started having breakfast.At first I wasn’t too sure of what we could, should do for breakfast but the table ended up full thanks to everybody who brought something special and it was yummy yummy 🙂

We then watched some videos (Swamiji’s birthday wishes video that got me crying and one video that Surendra Uncle shared) and some lovely photos (from SwamiJi’s birthday celebrations in Leicester).

The atmosphere was sparkling as we all shared our experiences and a special “Samarpan reporter” with an invisible mic’ (… 🙂 !) gave some quick JCO announcements.

After having our food, someone dear to me suggested that we all go to Cassiobury Park (a park SwamiJi had visited before). Initially I wanted to add it on the program but didn’t (just to keep it open) so never ever mentioned anything about it. It was therefore very surprising that we all decided to go (not too sure if we decided it in first place…). And before I realised it we were in the park, having a nice family walk.

The weather was beautiful (it felt like a Spring day with an Autumn scenery), the light coming from the sky was Divine, all trees looked like pieces of art, as if they were wearing their best outfit for the occasion, beautiful sparkling colours…

We were like children in a park, chatting, laughing, joking, running, taking pictures, hugging trees (… yes you heard it right!) Totally careless about anything else…

At a specific point, near one majestic tree we made a circle and prayed for people who were not present physically and sent toward them our special Love…

Maria then started chanting with her beautiful voice “Om Shantih Shantih Shantih” and we all joined… To me that moment felt surrealist as we were totally surrended and surrounded by Nature under a beautiful sky and it seemed we merged into One once again.

I got the same feeling I had in Wales, the experience of Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy and Laughter… all in one.

Slowly slowly we headed back on Earth and to our cars as everybody had to go their way and exchanged hugs and kisses.

I personally couldn’t say Goodbye as after being so connected I believe we don’t really leave each other, do we?

To me the Best things happen when they are left unplanned, when there are no expectations; a pure wish sometimes is enough. That day everything went effortlessly.

I did mention on a Wednesday online session: “come, it’s going to be lots of fun, lots food, lots of Love…” But that was it… I didn’t expect the intensity of what we all shared.

That day the Guru Energies did everything for us. They invited us to Watford and offered us this mini program / retreat. And as it is today Diwali, I can certainly say that we celebrated Diwali that Sunday in Samarpan Style, lighting lamps in our heart, offering our Love and Devotion collectively to SwamiJi and sharing it with everyone else.

We were once again in a Samarpan Bubble as beautiful Anna calls it 🙂

I thank SwamiJi and the Guru Energies for this memorable day…

Jai Baba Swami

XX Rajni

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  1. Hema
    6 years ago

    Thank you for this beautiful account of the lovely experience at your home and in the park. I love the friendly Wednesday chats after these UK gatherings. I always benefit from the love and energy from you all!

  2. Anna
    6 years ago

    Wow…mon petit seinge…This newsletter is just 100 % spot on. The gettogether was the perfect combination of sheer joy, bliss, fun and pure Love. And this newsletter conveys that vibe down to perfection. For those of u who haven’t phisically attended-our loving monkey is being so modest when she says it was breakfast and mantra chanting… That day was like Heaven on earth! Just Divine! Lots of love and hugs to Rajni for having us around and to all who were present and made it so special. We did it again! We just get togeter and Swamiji works His magic…Feel really blessed to be part of it and share the journey with the legends that you all are!Axx

    6 years ago


    Superb Rajni. Just superb… No wonder we could sense the vibrations while seeing the pictures.
    You guys are really wonderful souls. We from Oman will join you guys next time.


  4. Suresh Kumar
    6 years ago

    Wow I envy you all. Varsha we should also spontaneously do something similar here in Oman, the weather is good for the next couple of months.


  5. Gabriela
    6 years ago

    Rajni, ma chere soeur

    I am so glad that my experience sharing about Medicine and Spirituality touched your heart.
    I feel so blessed. God allowed me to reach complete professional fulfillment: I have been an environmental engineer, an environmental technology teacher and a physician. And I can tell you that I could see God’s work in every job. I believe there is always a divine aspect to every job if you let your mind be open about it.

    And on that amazing Sunday, Watford became the newest address for Heaven.
    Now we know we can make it happen anywhere, through Swamiji’s Grace!


  6. Kate McKenzie
    6 years ago

    Thanks Rajni for sharing your experience of that joyful gathering of souls. I experienced the joy vicariously as I read your words. The collectivity you are building in the UK is a model for the rest of us. Even though I enjoy participating in your collectivity on an energy level, I am hoping to share the same collectivity someday with other people on both the physical and soul level – in the short-term I might have to travel to the UK 🙂

  7. Sophia
    6 years ago

    Jai Baba Swami :0) its all him and all his, where WE become ONE…. heaven on Earth.!! xxx