Join Collectivity Online – Testimonials

“This site is so very very good, especially the wonderful pictures we get with weekly newsletters every time……..every time when I am able to join , I will come, to this very very good meditation. It is like a physical meditation with members, and I love it. All the best and warm regards – Heike”
Heike Bachmann (Germany)
“I found this site very very encouraging. I found no difference between the physical meditation and online meditation , its really a great experience to connect with the JCO Team . I found my self floating in air and really good feelings and forgotten where i am .Nice experience to connect with overseas online meditation…Jai Baba Swami…….”
Vinay C Patel (India)
“Thanks for last nights JCO sessions. It was the 1st time I join a online JCO session. I loved every bit of it. The experience sharing and chatting was awesome. The Sadhaks where so so so welcoming 😉  The meditation session and aarti was out of this world.

I strongly advise people to join JCO session. I think this is the besting thing ever. JAI BABA SWAMI”

Jayesh Magan (South Africa)
“The vision of the Divine Masters to have all pure souls coming together as one family is coming true. The World is one family and meditation is the only medium by which individuals of different religions, color,nationality, creed can come together as brothers and sisters. No more man-made boundaries”
Hemant Ramani
“It was a pleasure being there with our group. It’s one of my fave online meditation groups. I feel so free and open with this group.”
Swati Sharan (Canada)
“I have tried many (spiritual) things before, different types of Meditation… I can tell you this one is special and I love this concept of technology, spirituality and a fun group together. It’s just great!”
Jai Patel (France)
“Joining JCO has been revelation of how powerful collectivity really is as mostly I meditate alone and could really feel the difference in both the sessions I have now been a part of…..wonderful. It’s a beautiful day, sun is risen , birds singing, rejoicing in the freshness of Spring energy flowing. Thank you so much all for putting JCO out there for anyone in the world to connect to. Jai Baba Swami”
Esther Toye (UK)
“Initially I was a little skeptical about the need of online Meditations. Mainly because internet itself has so much information on it, that it’s not associated with the best of energies. So I thought, if we meditate at home alone with Samarpan meditation, we still connect to collective energy through the mantra so why go online and dilute the energy?!

However, recently I was on a business trip abroad where there were no Group meditations held that I could attend so I joined the online sessions and have to say my experience changed my mind. The Energy of the morning sessions feels exactly like meditating in the same room with a group of people. I instantly feel happy and energised.

Online sessions really work. I enjoy them a lot and would recommend to everyone! A great way how to start a day:-)

Anna (UK)


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