JCO for Peaceful Samarpan Meditation from UK (daily)

January 16, 2019 @ 5:30 AM – 6:00 AM
Your Place!
- The JCO Team

join collectivity online for peaceful meditations

By far, the most popular meditation sessions on JCO.

No talking, no walking, no making noise…just a straight forward get-together and peaceful meditations.

We welcome everyone to join us for daily meditations from our homes, and be a part of this strong, friendly online community…

These sessions run each morning, from Monday – Sunday at 5.30AM (UK time). We are working together to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to join this great worldwide collectivity!

To join the session, please click on below link:

https://zoom.us/j/378932420 (Meeting ID 378-932-420)

The way 5.30AM UK time works out in other countries, we welcome everyone to join us for:

  • Peaceful early morning meditations (if you’re joining from Europe)
  • Peaceful later morning meditations (if you’re joining from countries such as Oman, Mauritius or India)
  • Peaceful later afternoon meditations (if you’re joining from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore or Japan)
NOTE: to find out what 5.30AM UK time converts into in your country, please follow this link – http://www.timeanddate.com/

During these sessions, please join a few minutes earlier before our start time (lines are opened from 5.15am). At 5.30 am, we will meditate with a worldwide collectivity for 30 minutes.

Let’s connect, do meditation from comforts of our own homes together, and be a part of this friendly online community!

See you there! 🙂

– The JCO Team

The JCO Team

– Join Collectivity Online… let us all help make it the best it can be – for all of us! – 

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  1. Gabriela
    6 years ago

    Thank you JCO for this wonderful idea of Peaceful Meditations at dawn. It was a pure wish of my soul that this kind of event would come to fruition.And it did, without asking.
    And the amazing experiences before, during, and after these sessions keep on happening. Let’s not call it experiences. What I am living are true miracles of collectivity.

    Priya, you are the best host ever. I love you!

    I love JCO……

  2. William V
    6 years ago

    Its such a joyful moments being up early morning, feeling sun light raising up… coming in through your window, hearing beards waking up for a day…singing all around in many different ‘languages’, all happening while meditating with collectivity online… Sometimes you just can’t describe that feeling, which trying to talk about… Blissful moments… GOOD MORNING to ALL! Have a very nice day…

  3. Chandani Parmar
    6 years ago

    Woke up early for 5.30am Online meditation with Join Collectivity Online, one word….AWESOME!

  4. Gabriela
    6 years ago

    My Dear Priya,
    This morning, at the end of the Peaceful Meditation, when you were thanking everyone for joining the session, you nearly brought me to tears….WHAT A MOMENT!!!!!
    We are the ones who have to thank you! For your dedication and commitment, for being there every single day, for months now, and always so punctual. For your soft angel like voice, you simply do everything perfect….
    The early morning meditation has become the cornerstone of my daily spiritual practice for a while now, and being able to do it in collectivity is a miracle gift.
    I will never be able to thank you enough…
    Thanks to all of you who join these sessions.
    Thanks JCO for making it happen 🙂


  5. David
    6 years ago

    Thank you Priya and team JCO for the dawn meditations.
    A splendid way to start the day with the company of others.

  6. Denise
    6 years ago

    Hey guys, so lovely to read your comments. Enjoy! I won’t be joining as it would be around midnight here in Peru and too late for meditation…. I’m always with the collectivity and vibrate in joy while reading you here.
    Love to all
    Denise xx

  7. Heiki
    5 years ago

    Hello to all,
    Today in the daily Peaceful morning meditation with JCO I have had a wonderful experience which I want to share with you:
    Something was going on in my mind, some disturbant thoughts……..I did not went into a good meditative state. Then I focused my mind away from my ego, and I could feel first the collectivity of “JoinCollectivityOnline”, the physical people, who were meditating together…..and the disturbances went in the background…….and a little bit later I could feel that “Ocean” of pure souls , no more physical people, only pure pure souls, so much bigger and powerful. And it was like that glas of water, which is affected by some drops of ink, and the water turned blue, but then, as it was pulled in the ocean, there was only clear water. This means that in the pool of pure souls, there were all of you, who were meditating as well, and additional much more souls, so that all my negativities were so small, that they went away immediately. Due to that I felt very light and calm. Thank you all for letting me experience your wonderful souls in the middle of that Ocean of souls.
    with LOVE

  8. Kishore Kavadia
    5 years ago

    Jai Baba Swami
    I am very happy participating in JCO daily meditation and also very happy to see fellow sadhaks whom I have met and known for some time (and some of them for nearly 800 years!).
    I have also attended one of the sessions with Mauritius Group and propose to attend one with Brazil Group. I sincerely feel that using this as a medium (and whoever can get connected thro’ e-connectivity) and if BT is suitable (in their respective locations) should join in JCO (I am retired from work but actively involved in Guru Karya and personally enjoying daily sessions).
    I had just one observation about Prayer in English (at end of session) and the last word i.e. shuddh ichha (in Hindi) would (instead of intense desire) mean pure desire. (and there is great difference between intense desire and pure desire). If you feel so, you may think over this.
    Kishore Kavadia,
    Mumbai, India

  9. Nita
    5 years ago

    Meditating at the soul level with you all has become the highlight of my day. I’ve experienced that it is during this time that the Guru Energies create a feeling of space and it is in this ‘nothingness’ that our individual personalities fall away. It is an amazing feeling and I believe that during times like this, Gurudev will carry us all, with one breath and as one family, leaving no one behind.

    Till we meet again tomorrow,

    With love,


  10. Susan Evans
    5 years ago

    I have been wanting to find a way to meditate – I have found it. Thanks to Kaushalendra Verma.

  11. Admin
    5 years ago

    Thanks for great comments guys, you’re wonderful and true inspiration to all..

    To answer your question, Kishore – we could not change words in Prayer, this is just not in our hands. However, we can be aware of what you said…good points! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Have a wonderful day all! And yes, thank you Priya for keeping those Peaceful meditation running for us 🙂

  12. Kishore Kavadia
    5 years ago

    Jai Baba Swami- PPGurudev mentions that you will have to do meditation in collectivity and JCO has imbibed the directions perfectly- not just Collectivity but On-line. Beautiful combination of Guru’s directions and modern technology. Though I meditate around 5 Indian Time, I like and enjoy joining JCO whenever I am at home and do make it a point to participate- basically because the meditation as conducted and as led by Priya is superb. I also get to read and connect thro’ chitta many of my friends from Europe during meditation. I am also pleased that in spite of cold climates in Europe, sadhaks do regularly attend 5:30 morning UK time.
    Hope to continue and enjoy.
    Kishore Kavadia

  13. Santosh Patel
    2 years ago

    Thank you JCO for this great and amazing creation of Peaceful Meditations, i am already into Samarpan Meditation based out in Nigeria- Lagos, I just want to know the code for WEBINAR, so that i can join early morning for collective Meditation and energies i have downloaded WEBINAR already, since Lagos and London timings are same, its a boon for me.

    Jai Baba Swami..Lots of Love to JCO.

    I am a Holy Soul..I am a Pure Soul.

    • Rajni Susegad
      2 years ago

      Hi Santosh,

      Thank you for your sweet message, it means a lot to us!
      We have sent you the links by email :-).
      Hope to see you soon online!
      Lots of Love,

      The JCO team 🙂