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Have You Recently Been an Active Monkey and Would Like to Share Your Activities With The Rest of The Group?

 Had Some Exciting Spiritual Trips or Journeys? Attended Any Meditation Events? Captured Some ‘Have to Share‘ Moments of Your Life?…

We would love to hear from you!

This is your time to shine…

If you have just came back from some:

  • Inspiring, uplifting, unforgettable, a ‘have to share’ spiritual place… or event…


  • Captured some amazing snaps from your special spiritual journey….
  • Had anything else important happening in your life…

Wherever you been… whatever you did…

We ENCOURAGE you to share it with the rest of a group, and let us have a piece of your experiences!

Just enter information below and click on Submit button!

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NOTE: Sure you can say that you have it all uploaded on Facebook… or maybe you have even shared it on Twitter…

However, not all of our Group Members are Social Media actives, and is their only place where they come learn more about our online meditation community…. about YOU!

Not only you will help us, existing members, to get to know you better, but sharing your lifestyle and meditation experiences here with us, you will also do an enormous favor to those visitors, new to this site, who are coming here to check us out… and will want to be a part of it!

Join Collectivity Online… let us all help make it the best it can be – for all of us!

Look Forward to Hear From You,

– The JCO Team


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